Occupy the Polls in Palestine

I am a long-time member of the League of Women Voters in the United States.  My mother was a League member in Minnesota in the 1950-1960s.  I am a League member in New Mexico.  The League is a non-partisan organization.  That means we do not endorse or support a political party or a politician.  Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Green, Red or Purple —– voters from every political party are League members.

What brings us all together?

The answer is simple:  Our shared belief that democracy requires informed voters who can exercise their freedom to vote.  The League of Women Voters (and there are many men who belong to the LWV too) works hard to protect the integrity of the voting process and to encourage new voters to register.  We are very concerned these days about the obscene amounts of money in politics and we’re working on reforms.  The League also works on environmental issues (like climate change) and fixing fiscal policy. Clearly, while the League of Women Voters remains staunchly non-partisan, we are passionately engaged in politics.

There is a voter registration drive occurring today and tomorrow in Gaza and the West Bank. Some reports indicate there are approximately 155,000 registered voters in Gaza.  That seems very low considering there are more than 1.6 million people in the Gaza Strip.  One official estimates there are about 650,000 new voters in the West Bank and Gaza.  But if these new voters do not register before Monday, they will not be able to vote in upcoming elections.

I encourage my Palestinian friends to register to vote.   The Palestinian Elections Commission provides alot of information on its website.   I think this is the same information in Arabic.

Who can vote?

All Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza who are registered on the voters list within their constituency and who will be 18 years or over on Elections Day are eligible to vote.

You cannot vote if you have been deprived of your electoral right or declared incapacitated by a final judicial ruling, or if you were charged with a felony and not rehabilitated as per the provisions of law. 

Occupy the Polls in Palestine

Occupy the Polls in Palestine



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