Non-violence and the narrative of peace

Sitting in Cairo’s Pension Roma this morning, I overheard a conversation and quickly put 2+2 together.  I was sitting next to Joseph Dana.  THE Joseph Dana.  The Israeli-American writer that has been reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for years, and one of the founders of


One piece that he wrote in 2011, Non-violence and the Narrative of Peace,  is a very good example of his work.  I can only aspire to communicate as well.

The overall acceptance of the Israeli analytical framework in the collective Western perception of the conflict is changing as a result of the Palestinian reappropriation of unarmed resistance in the new media age. While pundits argue whether a stone-throwing Palestinian teenager is violent or not, Israel is killing protesters armed with nothing but stones in plain sight of the international community.

Now if I could just get up the courage to go over to him and introduce myself.



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2 responses to “Non-violence and the narrative of peace

  1. standing

    Awesome, Lora, I hope you do it!

  2. My advice (as another Israeli activist): he is (we are) human(s) like you…

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