More bureaucracy in Cairo

Another frustrating day in Cairo.  The conclusion — the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  Or vice versa.

I visited the Palestinian Embassy regarding my request to travel to Gaza.  Mohamed Abushahla is Chief of Consular Affairs.  He heard my story — “I’m working in Gaza and was unable to return across the Rafah border more than two weeks ago.” — and he called a Palestinian official in Rafah who told him it is the Egyptian side that is preventing my return, not the Palestinians.  Abushahla recommended that I return to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  If they would not help me, he would arrange a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador on Monday.

ImageI returned to Ambassador El-Adawy’s office, more phone calls, another meeting scheduled, this time with the Director of Palestinian Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  I was told my approval to cross the Egypt-Gaza border would be forthcoming in about two weeks!

FU*K, G+D DAMN, SH*T!   I wish I knew those words in Arabic.

I am now seriously considering my alternatives.


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