Why isn’t the USA and others stopping the bloodshed in Syria as they tried to do in Libya? What is the difference?

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Death toll of Palestinian refugees reaches 1735(Updated Nov 20, 2013)


DRAH | Febr 6, 2013 (updated Febr 8, 2013)

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) – Working group for Palestinians in Syria stated that Husaynieh camp was exposed to a heavy shelling in different areas. The mosque of (Maaz bin Jabal) was bombed by Syrian forces, which resulted in killing a number of refugees and injuring others. Other buildings in the camp were shelled by Syrian artillery, which caused a large evacuation campaign by people of the camp.

The Working group added that Syrian artilleries and warplanes are shelling the Yarmouk refugee camp continuously. It added that two shells landed on the neighborhood of Dear Cassin and the surrounding areas of street of Palestine.

They explained that fierce clashes took place in the camp causing some injuries among Palestinian refugees.

Watching centers stated that the death toll among Palestinian refugees reached 957 victims…

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  1. I met a Syrian young man in Cairo who told me that there are Palestinians fighting on both sides in Syria. Some support Assad; and some support the Free Syrian Army. Sounds very complicated.

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