Tahrir Square – the Revolution Lives!

I walked to Tahrir Square in the early afternoon.  Impossible to estimate how many Egyptians were there, but I can easily say there were just a handful of foreigners.

The atmosphere was energetic.  Many different people speaking to crowds through megaphones.  Many different signs.   A lot of chanting.  Individuals engaged in intense conversations.   A friend who speaks Arabic told me that all the messages, signs, speeches and discussion were anti-Morsi.  He said there was no one supporting President Morsi in Tahrir Square this afternoon.

I didn’t see any fighting, and didn’t notice any police, army or security.  My friend told me that the different groups involved in the various demonstrations brought their own security to keep the peace.

Below are a few of the photos I took in the early afternoon.

The iconic image from today that will stay with me forever is the young boy about 7-8 years old sitting outside the restaurant on Tahrir Square.  He was dirty and very hungry, and gave the universal motion for food.  I gave him my take-out Kentucky Fried Chicken meal.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking his photo, but he will always be in my heart.




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2 responses to “Tahrir Square – the Revolution Lives!

  1. Lora! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Last January we were in Luzor on the anniversary and not much happened. There was a small gathering and a few fireworks. Perhaps President Morsi has invigorated the revolution. (Not his intention, I bet!) Stay safe.

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