Egypt’s Revolution 2 years later

Not sure what to expect this weekend in Cairo.

Saturday is the second anniversary of the Revolution that ousted Mubarak from his throne after three decades!

I recall sitting on my couch in the USA in January 2011 with my eyes glued to ALJAZEERA morning, noon and night.  I was mesmerized by the events unfolding in Tahrir Square.  I played and replayed YouTube songs from the revolution.

This is one of my favorites.

I look back at those days as a personal revolution in my own soul, having just lost a very dear friend and companion, my heart was breaking.  I wanted something to believe in again.  And the thousands of Egyptians who went to Tahrir Square gave that to me.  They gave me hope.

At least 846 people died (more than 6,000 were injured) in the revolution that began on January 25.  Their grievances focused on police brutality, state of emergency laws, lack of free elections and freedom of speech, corruption, and economic issues including high unemployment, food price inflation and low wages.

According to most people I talk with today in Cairo, they haven’t seen much progress and they’re unhappy.  Some want President Morsi to step aside.  They fear his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Others want to give him time, even though they don’t see progress yet.  None I’ve talked with have hinted at violence or another revolution.

I hope this weekend is both peaceful and strong.   Peaceful in spirit and action, but strong and unified in showing the world that Egypt still leads the world in reforming the human spirit.

My pictures of Tahrir Square are available here.



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