Provocative opinion in Haaretz

An opinion piece published in a major Israeli newspaper (Haaretz) today shared this provocative statement.

“Israel needs the Palestinian state to come into existence even more than the Palestinians do. Without it, Israel cannot continue as both a Jewish and a democratic state. If Israel doesn’t reach a two-state settlement with the Palestinians very soon, then one day – likely sooner rather than later – the Jewish state as we know it will cease to exist. And it will be our fault.”

Most Palestinians I talk with in Gaza understand this dynamic and they believe time is on their side.   I wonder how many Israelis appreciate the inevitable result of Netanyahu’s intransigence.

If I was a betting man (or old lady) I would say Israel has less than 12-18 months to turn things around for a peaceful resolution, or it will no longer exist in 10 years.

I don’t make this prediction with any glee.  It is tragic actually because the handwriting has been on the wall for so long.  The ultra-orthodox religious community and the far-right voters have only themselves to blame.  I hope this opinion piece in Haaretz today is a wake-up call to many in Israel.

Hillary Clinton And Benjamin Netanyahu Meet In Washington




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3 responses to “Provocative opinion in Haaretz

  1. Lora and Jerry, do you believe a two state solution is possible? I personally have grave doubts.

    • I don’t think two states are possible simply because of the “facts on the ground.”. I suspect there will be one state that is no longer a Jewish nation but a country that embraces the wonderful diversity and history in this region. Jews, Muslims and Christians will live side by side.

  2. jtlawler

    I’ve been helping two Catholic sisters who produced a documentary about the occupation promote the film. When someone in the audience objects that the film, in depicting the occupation, is too pro-Palestinian, I always say no. In reality, it is pro-Israel because only by raising consciousness about the slippery slope Israel is on, can it be saved. Someone who tells the truth about the situation is the true friend of Israel.

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