Gaza street art rocks!

I don’t speak Arabic —– and can’t understand much of it even though I’m surrounded by it everyday 24/7 in Gaza.  Except for a smattering of words, I haven’t been able to string together a sentence to save my soul.   Perhaps the biggest disappointment of my three months in Gaza.

But I can understand the street art very clearly.  I don’t know any of the artists.  They may be young men, old women or anywhere inbetween.  Their voices are strong and passionate with each brush stroke.   What do you think?

art 1

art 2art 3

art 4

art 7

art 6

art 8

art 1

art 2

art 3

art 4

art 5

art 6


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One response to “Gaza street art rocks!

  1. zakiya moola

    SubhanAllah! Dese pix really spk a lot abt da palestinines! Allah ma’ak ya ahlii philiteen!!!

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