Skyping extraordinaire

Palestinians in Gaza are cut off from the rest of the world in many ways.

Personal and professional travel requires approval by the occupiers, rarely given if you happen to be a male of a certain age, and it’s even difficult for the old ladies like me, I hear.

Commercial exports require approval by the occupiers, and I’ve heard of cases where Palestinian crops have sat at the border waiting for that invisible hand to bless its passage, only to rot and be a total loss.

Even simple things like receiving packages from the outside requires someone’s review and approval.  Last year I naively mailed a small box from Cairo to Gaza, a little more than 200 miles as the crow flies.  It arrived more than 2 months later.

Lora Skyping 2

So the fact that I can Skype from Gaza and connect instantaneously with nearly anyone in the world FOR FREE is a bit mind-boggling.   I don’t understand how the technology works, but it’s amazing.

Last week the TV station in my hometown interviewed me via Skype.   I’m waiting for NBC to call.  🙂

Lora skyping

I don’t know how many families in Gaza Skype with friends and family abroad, but I suspect many stay connected this way.  What was life like before cell phones, computers and Skype?

A lot less connected.



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3 responses to “Skyping extraordinaire

  1. keep writing, skyping, blogging

  2. Rita

    What an exciting time to be there.

  3. I feel so bad for the people in gaza I am not a fan of the Israeli’s

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