Palestine wins recognition at the UN (I hope)

There were many young men (busloads actually) waving yellow flags today in Gaza City and, at first, I had no clue what all of the excitement was about, but I started clicking photographs.

Young Palestinians in Gaza supporting Abbas and his bid for observer status at the UN

Then someone explained that the cheering was in support of President Abbas’ bid at the United Nations for observer status.  I believe a vote is expected today.

Israel earlier vowed to retaliate against the Palestinians, and specifically Abbas, if he proceeded with this request but apparently Israel has thought better of that strategy since it appears Palestine will have significant international support.

It’s long past time for the Palestinians to achieve recognition at the United Nations, but sadly my own country (USA) will likely be opposing the move.

The Jewish Voice for Peace just released a short video that puts the Israel-Palestine history into context for anyone who has not kept up with the past 70 years.

These young people in Gaza need a reason to believe the international community supports their peaceful actions leading to UN recognition.

There is little doubt that Palestine will succeed today at the United Nations.  This piece sums it up well.  Will the United States be on the right side of history with this vote?  Probably not, and THAT is the biggest disappointment for me.



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5 responses to “Palestine wins recognition at the UN (I hope)

  1. Michael Leon Guerrero

    Hi Lora, I really appreciate all of your work, sharing these updates and information. It has been super helpful. I saw that you may be in the Middle East til the middle of next year. I wish you all the best. I look forward to continue following your updates online and to catching up in Albuquerque when you return.

    • Thank you Michael for the encouraging words. It looks like we both have traveled to the ends of the earth this year! I look forward to reconnecting with you and hearing your tales.

  2. Lora, I LOVE the video – what a great production and simple way to show the complexity of this matter. When are you returning to ABQ? I’d love to get together to collaborate on educational resources for children and adults. One of my sites is – let me know what you think. Another site is – trying to help feed ABQ!

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