Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

I have two sons and a daughter-in-law in the health care profession.  I know how hard they have worked to accomplish their goals and how committed they are to helping others.  Maybe that’s why I felt a special affinity with the nurses and doctors yesterday (Sunday, November 25) when I visited al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

I joined a group of university students who were visiting young patients injured last week in Israel’s bombardment.

Banner hanging in front of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

Despite Israel’s assertion that it targets militants and terrorists, the fact is that many, many civilians, including children, died in this 8-day bombardment.  Many more were seriously injured.

The ambulance sirens were blaring day and night during the bombardment.

A group of student nurses told me they are in their second year of four years of study. They spend 2 days each week at the hospital and the other days at the university studying.  I wonder how many nurses and doctors in the US get on- the- job training in war zones.

Student nurses at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

On my way out I stopped at the hospital laboratory to volunteer to give blood.  My blood type is O+ and I thought they might need some given the events of the last week and a half.

The first question they asked me was my age.  Learning that I am 59 years old, they seemed reluctant to take my blood.  Maybe “old” blood is not as strong as “young” blood?  I don’t know.  After consulting with several people, they informed me that their blood supplies are full and they didn’t need my blood.

I wonder if this doctor is going to the Mosque across from al-Shifa Hospital to pray.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights provides the following statistics from Israel’s military action in Gaza.  It does not include the “final” total casualties.

IOF launched a new offensive on the Gaza Strip

156 Palestinians, including 103 civilians were killed IOF

33 children, 13 women and 3 journalists were among those civilians who were killed.

1,000 Palestinians, including 971 civilians, were wounded.

247 children, 162 women and 12 journalists were among those civilians who were wounded.

IOF carried out 1,350 airstrikes, in which 1,400 missiles were launched.

55 houses were completely destroyed, while hundreds of other houses sustained damages ranging between big damage and partial damage.

2 mosques were completely destroyed, while another 34 mosques sustained partial or big damage.

8 governmental establishments, 13 security offices and police stations, and 2 bridges connecting the central Gaza Strip with the northern Gaza Strip were destroyed.

6 media offices, 6 health institutions, 28 educational institutions and 22 civil and charity associations were targeted.

Dozens of agricultural lands sustained big damage. 


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7 responses to “Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

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  2. Siyad

    My prayer always with them.. Allah swt make jews to regret every moment they done..

    I wana work with Al shifa hospital very soon can anyone help me pls pls pls I dont mind if I die there itz Allah decision only.. I am a male nurse with experience in Emergency department having both BLS And ACLS AHA CERTIFICATION, RN In Dubai.. I am from India my contact mail..

  3. Emre Pakdemirli

    My thoughts and prayers always with my Palestinian brothers and sisters. I wish every success to the Palestinian people in every platform who has been already suffering bitterly through nearly a century.
    May Allah forgive us not helping our brothers and sisters as it should be.
    I pray for the brothers@sisters ( I hope they will be in Jannah) who passed away at the countless atrocities since the first occupation in early 1940’s.
    Allah is Aliym, Haqeem, Adl, Raman and Raheem and is going to sort the Israili monsters in his unique way; /wa-makaru-wa-makarallah-wallahu-khairul-makirin. Ameen bi hurmeti Seyyidul Murseliyn.
    I also pray for my hospital professionals in Al – Shifa Hospital.
    Allah gives you every success, patience and strength during in your outstanding duties.
    I wish Allah approves your efforts ( Ameli Saleeh) during this hard times.
    Allah gives you a sakinah during hard times at the Israeli raids.
    Allah forgives every single Mu’minun and Mu’minaat.
    Ameen bi hurmeti Yaseen va Taha and bi hurmeti Seyyidul Murselyn Muhammad Mustafa ( Aleyhisselatu Vesselam).

    Dr.Emre Pakdemirli,
    Consultant Radiologist,


      Please would you have contact details for Al-Shifa Hospital (Gaza) i would like to speak/communicate with the Hospital Manager particularly to fulfil their small needs direct bypassing commercially driven charity organisations also i have unsuccessfully tried to obtain tel/email via web
      If you tel/email please return to:
      Many Thanks

  4. “Old” blood huh! Thank you for the photographs and the narrative. ~peter

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