A polite war, part 2

As I blogged here, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) often sends “warnings” to Palestinians that they are in danger and should evacuate immediately.  One such warning are the small rockets aimed at the neighboring houses to warn the occupants that there will be a much larger missile strike in the vicinity very soon and they would be wise to leave NOW!

Earlier this week, a rocket entered this child’s bedroom shortly after midnight. Everyone, except the grandfather, made it out in time.  They had about 5 minutes to scramble.  Can you imagine a rocket landing on your house?

Father explains how an Israeli rocket landed in his son’s bedroom warning the entire family to evacuate. The hole in the ceiling is visible on the top center.

Previously, the IDF sent text messages to neighbors warning them to leave.  I’m told they did not send text messages this week, but they did drop leaflets from the air.  Here’s an example.

IDF dropped leaflets like this one to warn Palestinians to leave their homes.

The IDF is not targeting any of you and does not want to harm you or your family. For your safety, we demand you to evacuate your homes immediately and move toward the center of the city via one of the following paths: El Tiwaam, Al Faloojah, Al-Awdah, El Sikah and Salah El Deen. The designated area in the city of Gaza is limited to west of Salah El Deen Road, north of Omar Al Mokhtar Road, east of Alnassir District and south of al-Quds Road. This is a temporary confrontation and in the end every person will return to his home . Obeying these IDF instructions will keep civilian residents like you from harm’s way.

I think this politeness thing is truly overrated and the IDF might heed some advice in how to show better manners.

#1  Don’t occupy someone’s land and then say you have the right to defend yourselves.   It is not defense but an occupation, an occupation that increasingly looks brutal, hellish, and in violation of international law.

#2  Don’t lock up elected officials of a political party you disagree with and carry out extra-judicial assassinations of their party leaders.

#3  Don’t target schools, hospitals, media centers, and United Nations facilities with your missiles and white phosphorous.  That’s just not good manners and won’t win you any brownie points.

#4  And please don’t target essential infrastructure, such as wastewater treatment plants, electrical generating plants, and water wells and hope to convince anyone that you’re going after “terrorists”.

The IDF wants to have it both ways:  to ethnically cleanse a population using the most inhumane methods available, while at the same time absolving themselves of their guilt by “warning” civilians they may die very soon if they don’t run fast enough.

. . . to be continued











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2 responses to “A polite war, part 2

  1. Linda …. I believe Tikkum and Rabbi Lerner in California provide a strong voice for Jews who oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestine. There are also many SJP groups on campuses around the US including UNM. http://unmsjp.org/ These campus groups include many Jews who are outraged by Israel’s actions.

    My understanding is that there are more Jews in the US opposed to Netanyahu’s actions with the occupation and Gaza, than there are Jews in Israel who oppose Netanyahu. He is likely to be reelected in January.

    I have even heard of a Jewish intellectual who decided to leave Israel for good last week and move to France because of his disgust with Netanyahu’s actions.

  2. Linda Moscarella

    All true, unarguably true, So where is the Israeli opposition? And where is the opposition from American Jews? To change things you need a Jewish opposition, and, so far, it seems to me there just isn’t one. J Street tries but they are walking on eggs not to alienate the Jewish center (?). I have heard brave Israeli’s speak about the horrors of how the Palestinians are treated, but they are far from a critical mass and they seem to be ignored. Have you ever encountered any such? Cultivate them.

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