Why now?

Why is Israel shelling Gaza Strip where nearly 1.7 million people live in very tight quarters?   Why is Israel apparently preparing a land invasion with its tanks?

Why now?

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu

I can’t get into Netanyahu’s mind (thank goodness!) but here are my suspicions:

1) Netanyahu feels impotent because his generals and Obama neutered his plans to attack Iran.  Gaza is an easy substitute.

2) Netanyahu faces reelection in 2 months and needs to show the voters in Israel that he’s tough.   Easy to be tough with defenseless Palestinians.

3) Netanyahu needs to distract Israelis who are unhappy with the current economic situation.  Fireworks in Gaza makes a good distraction.

4) Netanyahu wants to punish Palestinians for seeking a diplomatic resolution at the United Nations —- observer status.

Or it could just be that Netanyahu woke up on the wrong side of the bed.



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4 responses to “Why now?

  1. Genie

    I believe that this attack on Gaza is a prelude to an attack on Iran.
    In ‘israel’s’ view: it’s target practice, that, and testing their iron dome – for future use in the war the terror entity plans on Iran – next.

  2. If we are going to contextualize this situation … lets not forget the occupation.

    • Genie

      That’s why I believe that ‘israel’ is going to attack Iran next – it’s exactly because of the occupation of Palestine: Iran is one of the strongest voices against the occupation.

  3. LP Weinberg

    A good question, as it is wise to contextualize this action and put it on a timeline. I suspect it has to do with rockets recently launched at the southern part of Israel.

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