Put Israel’s assault in Gaza in context

Some folks on Twitter are chastising me for my posts about Israel’s assault on Gaza.  Since I’m sitting in the middle of Gaza City, I wonder where these critics are sitting.

They say I should put things in context …. that Israel must defend herself against the hundreds of rockets launched by Palestinian militants into southern Israel.

Yes, I agree.  Lets put things into context.  Starting with the OCCUPATION.  Are any news media even mentioning the occupation?

And I thank Col. Ann Wright for putting recent events in Gaza into context.  She writes:

“Gaza is getting attacked again by Israel, but our US press does NOT report the real story: The chronology of events of the recent flare-up began on November 5, when an innocent, apparently mentally unfit, 20-year old man, Ahmad al-Nabaheen, was shot when he wandered close to the border. Medics had to wait for six hours to be permitted to pick him up and they suspect that he may have died because of that delay. Then, on November 8, a 13-year old boy playing football in front of his house was killed by fire from the IOF that had moved into Gazan territory with tanks as well as helicopters. The wounding of four Israeli soldiers at the border on November 10 was therefore already part of a chain of events where Gazan civilians had been killed, and not the triggering event.”

The “reprehensible” news coverage  of Gaza must be corrected.


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3 responses to “Put Israel’s assault in Gaza in context

  1. Rita

    Be safe! And, have a Happy Birthday.

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