Cool bicycles

I’ve counted … really … and I have only seen one bicycle on the streets of Gaza in 6 weeks.

People tell me there are several reasons for the absence of bikes.

In this culture, the girls do not ride bicycles.   And the streets are dangerous and not conducive for bicycles.  And it’s not “cool.”

But maybe the time is right to reconsider how “cool” bicycles can be.    If the Emir of Qatar is going to rebuild any major streets in the Gaza Strip, I hope his planners will keep bicycles and pedestrians in mind.

A nice bike ride on a Sunday afternoon.

Cycling in the Bosque along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico

My favorite bike shop near my home.

My friend riding his bike near a busy street on a bike and pedestrian path.

My friend stops to rest. Notice he is wearing a helmet.



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