Dear Mr. President

I heard the news of your clear victory when I woke up in Gaza this morning.  Congratulations!

You are an inspiring leader whose words and vision stir many hearts, reminding us that the role of the citizen doesn’t end after election day.  The importance of staying engaged, working together and building coalitions continues.

America is a nation of self-government, you said, where we disagree and argue but in the end, we are united.

I know your role Tuesday night was a cheerleader, but you’ve already had four years in office, and by now you know there are teams playing this game of “self-government.”  Neither wants to lose.

While I like your conciliatory, respectful approach, we both know there is one issue that cannot be compromised.  There is no middle ground; and there is no time to try to find one.

“We want our children to live in a world without the destructive power of a warming planet.”  (Obama’s 2012 victory speech.)

We don’t have time for debates, for half-measures.  Knowledgeable scientists around the world are warning us that we are racing towards some irreversible tipping points.

Climate change is simple.  And it’s getting ugly —- real fast.    Global greenhouse gas emissions must peak and start falling rapidly in the next 5-10 years if we are to have any hope of having a stable climate in the future.

You, Mr. President, by the fate of history, are sitting in the hot seat!!

Our future, and I mean the future of everyone on Planet Earth, is in your hands.   This is not hyperbole.

The United States is responsible for nearly 30% of the cumulative greenhouse emissions spewed into the atmosphere, and our rapacious appetite for consuming the world’s resources is setting a dangerous example for countries wishing to emulate us.

We must change direction and choose a path where your daughters and my granddaughter and all of the children of the world have a fighting chance of a livable future.

The crossroads.

Here is what you should do in the next 30 days.

1) Invite climatologist James Hansen and Bill McKibben to the White House for lunch.  Spend the afternoon listening to their ideas and then follow them!

2) Start the wheels in motion to restore the solar panels on the White House that President Carter first installed but then were removed by President Reagan.

3) Instruct your Secretary of State and all other federal agencies that every segment of the Keystone XL Pipeline proposed or currently under construction in the United States will be stopped . . .  for good.

4) Personally attend the UN climate meeting in Doha, Qatar (November 26, 2012) and follow through with the US commitment to support the Green Climate Fund.

You can do it sir!   And I’m ready to engage and help you.


Lora Lucero



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5 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. Reblogged this on @mpchristoffels and commented:
    Friends across the globe are waiting to see whether Obama will step up to the plate and be the climate leader we all need him to be – for the sake of our planet and future generations.

  2. You gave me goosebumps, Lora. The other thing I would emphasize, to appeal to America’s pride and need for motivation, is that we have the know-how to create fixes which we can share with the rest of the world and help them (I’m looking at you, China and India) dramatically reduce their emissions as well. I would also recommend that they invite Amory Lovins, from the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Majora Carter from inner city Brooklyn, and Bill Mollison, who created Permaculture. We have a huge brain reserve on which we are not drawing. All they need is the catalyst of the American president.

  3. Ayup! Climate change is the proverbial Elephant in the Room.

  4. I just read yesterday that the solar panels have already been re-installed on the White House. Love your letter. Hope he listens. And there are many more great ideas. Here’s just one: Why not tax breaks for employers whose employees carpool, use public transportation, or live close to work? Or better yet, telecommute? I hope Barack Obama will schedule a major international conference on climate change soon. Let’s push for that, to bring the issue front and center!

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