Can twitter change the world?

If Americans only knew more about what’s going on in the Middle East, and how their government is enabling and supporting the low-intensity warfare in Israel and Palestine, I believe they would demand change.   That’s one reason I came to Gaza in September.

I know the western mainstream media is failing us miserably.  My goal is to be an honest community journalist, reporting what I see and learn, to reach as many Americans as possible.

I want to avoid falling into the trap of just being a mouthpiece for the “Palestinian resistance.”  That would be just as unhelpful as the mainstream media’s infatuation with the Israeli “spin”.

Friends recommended I start tweeting (or is it twittering?) to reach more people.   With nearly 1,800 “friends” on Facebook,  and 100+ hits each day on my blog, I’m already connecting with many.   But am I only “speaking to the choir”?  And how many are really paying attention?

If I’m going to reach The Hundredth Monkey, that critical number to create a societal tipping point, I will need to think outside of the box.

So I will give twitter a try.  Twitter is baffling and learning how it works will take some patience.  How can 140 characters communicate much of anything?   Twitter may get people out into the streets, but can it really change minds and hearts?

Any ideas out there ab0ut how I might share my observations and opinions about Gaza with more Americans?



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2 responses to “Can twitter change the world?

  1. Linda Moscarella

    If you get a twitter account, I will follow you if you tell me how!

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