Gaza youth plan climate change action

The youth around the world are leading the rest of us on addressing climate change.   They see the foot-dragging, sorry excuses and indifference from leaders who should know better and they are speaking up.

Get to Work — 350 Now!
Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 2010
Akilah Sanders-Reed is standing behind the sign above the word “get”

In New Mexico, Akilah Sanders-Reed sued Governor Martinez when she was still in high school because the Governor overturned the regulations which were designed to reduce pollution from the coal-fired power plants.   Akilah argued that today’s leaders have a responsibility to protect the air as a public trust for future generations.  The government said Akilah had no case but this summer the court ruled in her favor on a motion to dismiss.  Her attorneys now have the opportunity to make their case.  Yeah!

Solar-power for the music at the 350 rally
October 2010

Akilah has been a tireless climate change educator and advocate.  In October 2010 she organized a conference at her high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Live music at the 350 rally
October 2010

There was music powered by solar energy.   There was organic food and letter-writing, along with other activities.

People sign letters to elected officials about need to take action on climate change.
October 2010

U.S. Senator Tom Udall addressed an audience of about 150 people.   And this all happened because of Akilah’s efforts to wake us up!

Organic food display at the 350 rally
October 2010

Akilah Sanders-Reed organized the 350 rally at her high school
October 2010

About 150 people attended the 350 rally
October 2010

In Gaza, 20-25 university students met today in the first organizing meeting of the new Gaza Chapter of the Arab Youth Climate Movement.

They are planning an action in Gaza to coordinate with actions worldwide on November 3rd leading up to the meeting in Doha, Qatar.   More information about that meeting in Doha here.

I’m looking forward to participating with the youth in Gaza next month as they show the world and their leaders in Palestine that they want a safe and livable planet.  Wake up and listen.   Read the scientific facts here.  The time is NOW to take action!


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  1. Michael

    I’m sure that nobody will see this comment, but Akilah is certainly someone that is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than a president who goes about bombing and killing whomever he chooses.

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