Lights Out!

A friend asked me what I found to be the most frustrating thing about Gaza so far.   #1 – the extreme difficulty in traveling to Gaza.  More about that later.

#2 – the damn electricity goes off about 8-10 hours every day!   In some cases, the generator kicks on, but not always.  And my hunch is that there are few generators in the refugee camps.

It’s much more than a mere inconvenience.  The second day in Gaza I heard reports of a young child burned to death the night before when the candle fell over.   That apparently happens often.  😦

And I wonder what my public health friends would say about these generators running.   In addition to the noise, they leave a film of black stuff (?) over curtains and other surfaces.   What are they doing to people’s  lungs?

My host family and I passed the time away one evening after the lights went out by playing a game of RISK with a battery-powered lamp.   I lost.    But this situation is no game.

Playing RISK in the dark.


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