Reblogging this very good tribute to Ambassador Stevens.


“Salaam alaikum. My name is Chris Stevens, and I’m the new U.S. ambassador to Libya.” With those words Christopher Stevens—the 52-year-old diplomat who was killed along with three other Americans in a September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya—began an online video introducing himself to the people of Libya. Though he only took up his position in May, he wasn’t new to the region. An Arabic and French speaker, Stevens had been a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, and after working in international trade law in Washington, served in Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia during his 21 years with the State Department.

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  1. rutg

    Of course, the American ambassador and his colleagues, killed in Lybia, were the victims of a horrible crime. But, we also must remember a Kazakh woman, killed by a drunken German diplomat in Kazakhstan, 2004, and a Kazakh migrant gunned down for no reason by a US policeman in 2011. The criminals have been acquitted so far. See more:

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