Virtual Tour of Gaza – video

This time next month, I hope to be in Gaza.  I have my tickets and my written approval from Egypt to pass through the Rafah border gate between Egypt and Gaza. 

Check this out —–> Virtual Tour of Gaza

This new video from Gaza provides a very realistic picture of life in this “open air prison.”  I encourage my family and friends to watch it —- about 30 minutes long.   And please leave your questions or comments, if you have any.


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3 responses to “Virtual Tour of Gaza – video

  1. Linda Moscarella

    Thanks for posting this. As a number of people in the video say, we in the U.S. and probably in Europe as well, have no way of seeing directly what Gaza is like. I think it would be interesting to understand more about how it got that way as well as to see more videos.

    • I believe the 5 year blockade of Gaza by Israel is primarily responsible for the conditions on the ground today. But I hope to learn more about it when I get to Gaza. I’ll be sure to share good videos here too.

      • tavalin

        i believe that Hamas are stupid not taking all the money investing in hospitals, school etc/ if they make peace with the zionist- they could prosper economically. bur no- they have to fight all the time like dammed Asad

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