Asking for donations. شكرأ

I know alot of people don’t like to ask for money.   Since we don’t have public financing for federal office in the United States, our politicians have to spend a good share of their time with their hands out, rather than governing. 

You can learn about this fundraising challenge in Congress here.  In the current presidential race,Obama and Romney have already raised more than $450 million!   

Imagine what you could do with 1/2 billion dollars?

In these tough times, alot of things come to mind.   Like putting some of those 100,000 teachers who lost their jobs in the past 12 months back in the classroom.  See here.   Or feeding all of those children in the US who are hungry, by some accounts 1 of every 5 children.  See here.    Or putting a roof over the homeless in the US sleeping in their cars or under bridges.  Watch this 3 minute video.

I don’t like asking friends and family for money, but there are two projects that I’m committed to and really hope I will get donations.   The first campaign is for donations to purchase medical supplies to take to Gaza with me next month.  For five years now, the Israeli blockade has choked Gazans in many ways, but the dialysis patients in the hospitals grab my heart.  Read about the crisis here

I contacted a doctor in the hospital in Gaza and learned what equipment and supplies are specifically needed for these dialysis patients.  And then I started calling dialysis centers in Albuquerque.  There has been some interest, but I’m still waiting to “close the deal.”  And two friends have donated a nebulizer machine and some orthopedic equipment.

I’ve started an online donation page and collected some funds which I will use to purchase small medical supplies for Gaza.   Check it out here.

The second project for which I’m asking donations is the great idea of a recent engineering graduate of the Islamic University of Gaza.  He wants to educate students about the importance of recycling and dividing the waste stream into containers at 20 schools in the Gaza strip.   You can help him here with your contribution.

Asking for money is not easy, certainly not fun, but is so important.   These are tough times and there are many needs.  But I hope people will be drawn to help these two projects.  Every little bit helps.

Shukran!   شكرأ



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2 responses to “Asking for donations. شكرأ

  1. Linda…my dear friend! Yes! I received your generous contribution and a thank you card is in the mail. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. And I also appreciate that you follow my blog!

    I have been amazed at the response of so many kind people — some wanting to be anonymous and others wanting to share even though they think “we are on opposite sides” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In truth, I’m trying to break down stereotypes and barriers in this conflict. You and others confirm for me that the human spirit and heart are stronger than any drones or white phosphorous! Shukran!

  2. Linda Moscarella

    Hi Lora,

    I did donate $100 which was mailed on Saturday, I believe. I hope you got it.


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