Travel guides to Gaza

As I get ready for my departure to Gaza in the next few weeks, I’m continuing to scan online for any resources that will help me prepare for my travel.  

The standard Frommer’s and Fodor’s don’t help much.   Gaza isn’t exactly a tourism destination for many.   Lonely Planet Guide includes a very unsatisfactory discussion and then there’s this warning from

WARNING: Most Western governments have issued a severe and strict travel warning against entering the Gaza strip. While seeming internally stable, most consider it effectively a war zone. The Palestinian factions and the Israeli military are well armed and quite willing to shoot when they think it necessary. Anyone who carries anything identifying them as Jewish, such as a Star of David necklace, is very much at risk.

Tonight I hit the gold mine!  

Julie C. Hurley shared her personal, on-the-ground tips for traveling in Gaza which included this bit of insight

The other major security concern is Israeli airstrikes. If for some reason there’s an escalation, you should stay in your hotel / residence after 9pm (strikes usually occur at night), and do your best to keep in touch with others about what’s happening.

Twitter is an awesome resource for this, and the youth in Gaza prove to be a better news source than the local channels. Leave your windows open a bit to avoid shattering, and have a bag ready to go with essentials should you need to leave.

Now who would have thought to leave the windows open during an air strike?

Does anyone, anywhere question the insanity of subjecting a population of 1.7 million men, women and children to a perpetual war zone where air strikes disrupt the sleep, much less the lives, of innocent people week after week, month after month, year after year?   

How do you write a guide book for THAT?


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