You’re wrong! (And so am I)

Last night I watched this amazing TEDTalk and the lightbulb turned on for me.  With over one million views, Kathryn Schulz has probably turned on many lightbulbs for many people.  

Her message is profound.   We are all committed to being right, and we live our lives as though we are right.   We construct our realities around our belief that we are right.  And we are reluctant to acknowledge that we are wrong ….. until after we have run over the cliff like the coyote chasing the roadrunner.


The implications of her message for the Middle East, I’m thinking, could be a game-changer just like the Arab Spring in 2011.  

We need to step outside of our confining bubble of “rightness” and embrace the wonderment of being wrong.   That’s where the possibility of understanding and peace exists.


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