All in a day – video

What do you think Gaza looks like?  

Based on some responses from friends and family, I suspect most Americans think Gaza is predominantly a dense urban community of shelled and destroyed buildings, with people crawling over rubble.  

After I posted a photo of a modern-looking shopping mall in Gaza a few months back, someone told me the picture “proved” that Israel’s occupation and blockade weren’t so bad  after all.    Grrrrrr!

When I get to Gaza in September, I hope to take lots of photos and shoot some video too.   I’ll be posting them here and on Facebook. 

There are some very creative videographers in Gaza.   Take a look at this time-lapse video of Gaza set to music.  It reminds me, in a way that still photos can’t, of the interconnectedness of life without borders and boundaries.   Time doesn’t stand still but wraps us all together in our dreams and goals for the future.


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