Mars and the Sinai: breaking borders

On Sunday night, we heard news that NASA’s Rover, named Curiosity, successfully landed on Mars, some 154 million miles away from Earth.   Check out this interactive video about the Rover here.   It sounds like quite a feat of vision, human intelligence, and determination.

The purpose of this mission, I think, is to determine if Mars can support life or has ever supported life in the past.   (I wonder if Mars supported life eons ago with a species of limited intelligence that ended up destroying the planet for most life forms — like, say for example, spewing up CO2 into the atmosphere).

The Planet Mars

Back on Planet Earth, Sunday morning saw the the tragic killing of seven people in a Wisconsin Sikh Temple.  The lone shooter was identified as a 40-year-old Army veteran and former leader of a white supremacist heavy metal band.   Why?  Why?  Why?   

More death on Sunday night.   Fifteen Egyptian soldiers were killed at a military base in the Sinai as they were breaking their Ramadan fast.    The news reports here and here are full of speculation but few facts.  Israel accuses Palestinians in Gaza; Egypt closes the Rafah border; and Hamas vehemently denies any involvement.  I hope an investigation will uncover the truth.

Why can the human mind figure out the impossible — landing on Mars — and yet we can’t figure out how to live together in peace on Planet Earth?

Are we hardwired to explore but not empathize; to compete but not cooperate; to break new boundaries in space but build impenetrable walls on Earth?

Humans are stupid!   We spend billion$ on exploring the outer reaches of the Universe, and subsidizing the military industrial complex at home and in Israel, while millions of people suffer without enough food and water.


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