Paloma – the world premiere!

Last night was the world premiere of Paloma, a play by Anne Garcia-Romero.

Anne Garcia-Romero

Todd London, Artistic Director for New Dramatists, gets it right:

“Anne García-Romero’s writing flies right past your defenses, jumpstarts your heart.”

Garcia-Romero has written a masterpiece about three young people, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew who come together over love, loss and understanding.

Linda Lopez McAlister, the producer, writes:

Meet Paloma Flores, Ibrahim Ahmad and Jared Rabinowitz – three young New York graduate students whose lives are torn apart by a terrorist attack – and who struggle to find a way to find peaceful resolutions to cultural and religious differences in today’s world.

Inspired by El Collar de la Paloma, a treatise on love by Ibn Hazm de Cordoba, an 11th Century philosopher who lived in Spain during la convivencia when Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in peace and harmony.

I won’t give the story-line away but I will share that I was really touched by this story and encourage my friends to see Paloma at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.  Performances will be over the next three weekends.   And it will be in Santa Fe the following week.

Catch all the details here.

I plan to return on Sunday, July 29 at 1:00 pm to catch a special pre-show talk by Manuela Ceballos about La Convivencia, a period in history that I want to learn more about.


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