Don’t Smell The Sea

I believe Palestinians in Gaza may be the most densely connected and networked community on social media (Twitter and Facebook) than anyone else in the world.   I recall reading that somewhere.

Blogs are very popular too.  I’ve included many good blogs written by Palestinians on my blogroll.

Twitter, Facebook and Blogs are the “weapons of choice” for many, and they appear to be very effective weapons.  No longer are Palestinians without a voice.  They are telling the world (you and me) about the realities of the Occupation, Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the injustices meted out on a daily basis by the “only democracy in the Middle East.”   Israel no longer controls the narrative.

Are Americans listening & reading?

I’m adding another very good Palestinian blog today to my blogroll called Sixteen Minutes to Palestine.   Today’s post is about Gaza’s beautiful Mediterranean coastline where so many Palestinians find some respite from the burdens of daily life.

The reality, however, is heartbreaking.  The sewage treatment plants are unable to handle the demands of a growing population because Israel will not allow access to the materials needed for their repair, and much of the capacity for waste-water treatment was targeted and destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces during Operation Cast Lead (December 2008-January 2009).

The smell is horrific.   Raw sewage is now flowing directly into the sea; disease and water-borne illnesses are on the rise; and all of this is deliberately designed.  Israeli planners must be diabolical.

The blogger writes:

Upon seeing Wadi Ghazza, Karl Schembri, communications outreach officer for Oxfam International, stated, “There is no natural reason for Gaza to be in this state. There is no calamity. There is no objective reason why we should be smelling this smell right now. . . It’s just a political decision to keep 1.6 million people under blockade and collective punishment.”

Americans are directly responsible for these conditions.  Our tax dollars, to the tune of $3 Billion/year, subsidize Israel’s war machine,  the Occupation of the West Bank, and the blockade of Gaza.   When are we going to say . . . “Enough is enough!   Not in our name!”

Please  read today’s post “Summer and the Sea” on the Sixteen Minutes to Palestine blog.  The least we can do is listen and pay attention to these strong Palestinian voices.


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