Walls حوانط

Walls are the 21st century dinosaurs.   They are everywhere on the landscape today but they will fall and become extinct eventually.   Sometime in the future, I’m convinced people will examine these walls as oddities from a past reality.  Maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

Obviously, walls are built to keep people and other things out, or in, as the case may be, but the bitter truth is that a wall —- any wall, anywhere —- victimizes people caught on both sides.   Both the wall builders and those they try to wall out are dehumanized.

Consider these three walls — in the US, Israel, and the remaining bit of the Berlin Wall.

Israel’s security wall
Some rights reserved by Oddsock

Last remaining piece of the Berlin Wall
Elke Duerr

The folly of these adventures would be laughable if they weren’t so destructive.

Walls cannot keep out ideas.   Contrary to the popular myth, they can’t provide “security”.   They are useless vestiges of an old “us versus them” mindset which the new generation rising up around the world will not tolerate.   Walls are obsolete and the sooner our world leaders figure that out, the sooner we can make progress on the real issues that divide us.

Lora Lucero on the Great Wall of China 2009



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2 responses to “Walls حوانط

  1. Linda Moscarella

    I totally agree with you about walls. I grew up in San Diego and was acutely aware of the border with Mexico which at that time had low key monitoring of traffic coming from Mexico into the U.S. I asked my mother once how people could tell which was the United States and which was Mexico, because I couldn’t see any difference. in the physical geography. Lots of illegals worked as domestics and gardeners and went back and forth from Tijuana weekly or sometimes daily. It worked well for everybody. Later, after traveling to many parts of the world, and working in developing countries, I had an epiphany – the U.S.-Mexican border is the only place, I mean the only place on the planet, where the first world and the third world touch. And it’s one of the longest as well, almost 3,000 miles.

    • Interesting. I hadn’t thought about the unique status of the US-Mexico wall.

      Thinking more about this while I was out in the garden today. It strikes me that walls are a sign of failure too. Instead of addressing the serious issues that exist between the US and Mexico (or Israel and Palestine), the wall builders admit their failure and erect a barrier so they don’t have to struggle with the issues.

      I’ve been told there are 1000s of Israelis who don’t have a clue what the OPT looks like. They don’t know what is happening on the other side of the wall. That type of ignorance is very dangerous.

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