Bradley Manning and Anat Kamm

Americans surely have heard of Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army soldier who leaked documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks. He has been sitting in prison since July 2010, first in Quantico, VA and now in Fort Leavenworth.  He has refused a plea agreement and is expected to go to trial this Fall.

Thanks to Bradley Manning, Americans now know some of the horrendous crimes that the U.S. military has been doing in our name.   In June, Manning won a partial victory when the judge ordered the government to turn over to Manning’s attorney  some of the damage assessments the government prepared after the leak. I suspect the most serious damage done as a consequence of Manning’s actions was extreme embarrassment among the top brass.

I recently learned of another young whistleblower in the military — this one a young female clerk in the Israeli army, Anat Kamm, who downloaded military classified documents from her computer that showed IDF’s plans for the deliberate assassinations of Palestinian leaders.  Kamm was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in jail last October based on a plea agreement.

Both Manning and Kamm have shed an important spot light on what the US and Israel military are doing IN OUR NAMES.  They deserve to jointly receive the Nobel Peace Prize in my humble opinion.

Some day they will be lauded as heroes, but until that happens, it takes a special kind of courage to knowingly risk one’s freedom and dignity to do what the law may forbid but basic morality and justice demand.  Thanks to these two, the world has a better idea what these western military powers are doing.  Now it’s our responsibility to hold our leaders accountable.

Anat Kamm

Bradley Manning



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2 responses to “Bradley Manning and Anat Kamm

  1. Nancy Galloway

    Also Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for providing the outlet for publishing truth. All deserve a Peace Prize. Thank you, Lora.

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