Harry Fear

I don’t know you.  But you are my role model, Harry Fear.

Harry Fear

I’ve seen your reporting from Gaza and I think you’re doing a great job of shining a light on the “facts on the ground” in that very troubled part of the world.

Your videos are easily accessible on your blog Gaza Report, which I’ve added to my blogroll.

You must be a professional journalist, although there isn’t much information about YOU on your blog.

I’m a community journalist, aka learning the trade as I go.  I want to learn how to do what you’re doing.

I hope to arrive in Gaza later this summer, early Fall, and hope you will be there then because I’d really like to meet you.

Thanks for educating me and members of the public who are fortunate enough to see your video reports.





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2 responses to “Harry Fear

  1. And good luck with your journey to Gaza! I envy you, i wish i had the opportunity to go, too.
    God bless x

  2. He is pretty amazing, im not a journalist, im still 17, but he inspires me so much, hes so brave and courageous.
    I really wish him all the best and a super safe return back home.

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