Feeling helpless!

It’s morning now …. in Gaza …. not in my town half way around the world.   I’m wondering if the F-16 jets have returned to their base somewhere in Israel.  They were busy flying sorties over the skies of Gaza during the night.

I learn about the news …. not from any US media …. but from friends sitting at their computers in Gaza reaching out to the world via Facebook and Twitter.   Some are Palestinians, others are international volunteers.  All sound almost resigned to the blasts, the buildings shaking, the jets flying overhead.

The death toll mounts and I wonder how that news spreads so quickly.   But my two pressing questions …. are my friends OK?   Why is Israel attacking Gaza THIS time?  Didn’t Israel just agree to a truce?  (OK, that’s three questions.)

Someone posts this song …. We Will Not Go Down …. and I play it over and over.   It helps me feel closer to my friends.   Somehow.


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  1. Words can’t express my thanks to you for all your all support and feelings.

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