Volatile mix – guns and loss of hope

Two pieces in the Israeli online newspaper (ynetnews.com) today provide an ominous look at the future in Israel and Palestine.

Tourists venture to West Bank to ‘shoot terrorists’   and

Arab poll: Palestinian Authority is corrupt

Couldn’t believe the first story, but it’s not a sick joke.  Just plain sick! Jewish settlers in Gush Etzion are providing simulated target practice for tourists of all ages who want to experience the “high” of shooting a terrorist.

Michel Brown, 40, a Miami banker, chose to take his wife and three children to the range with the purpose of “teaching them values.”

I can only imagine what those values might be. Geeeeesh!

They should know where they come from (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

Just think about it.   Another generation of young people (presumably Jewish) who are growing up to believe that Palestinians are terrorists and guns are the answer.

Combine that with the recent Arab poll that indicates the majority of Palestinian Arabs believe their government is corrupt —- no surprise there —- but

39% of all Palestinian Arabs, and 55% of Gazans, support a return to what they call “armed resistance,” that is, terrorism.     Some 47% of all Palestinian Arabs, and 62% of Gazans, support armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel, as opposed to the allegedly legitimate attacks against Israelis outside the Green Line who they believe deserve these attacks for serving as occupiers.

I guess no one should be surprised.  When there is very little acknowledgement from the West of the peaceful Palestinian resistance movement, why shouldn’t the Palestinians opt for violence?   And isn’t that the message that the IDF and these crazy settlers from Gush Etzion are sending to the Palestinians?     “Bring ’em on.  We’re prepared!” 


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