Deafening silence

Corporate mainstream media is the lens through which most Americans learn about world affairs; and so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this “big American bubble island is a corporate town” and that many Americans (and members of Congress!) are clueless.

The media has failed miserably to objectively report on the Middle East conflict, the Israeli Occupation and the blockade and siege of Gaza.

A new documentary, The War Around Us, provides a damning critique of how western media covered Israel’s attack on Gaza in December ’08 – January ’09.

This week two exciting developments occurred.  The Guardian was live-blogging from Gaza for a day.   The editors explained their reason:

Five years ago this month, following Palestinian legislative elections in which Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip and removed Fatah officials from office, Israel and Egypt announced a heightening of the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Although some aspects of the restrictions on the flow of goods and people into Gaza have been eased by Israel and Egypt since 2010, many believe the blockade still amounts to a collective punishment of the Gazans. By live blogging a day in Gaza we are attempting to show what everyday life is like there for its 1.7 million people.

The Guardian’s live blog shares a wealth of information from the ground in Gaza.  I’m planning to spend the weekend watching these videos and reading these articles.

Another exciting development is this first podcast released by young people in Gaza.  The topic is football (soccer) and Mahmoud Al Sarsak, the 25 year old Palestinian soccer player who is in an Israeli prison without charge or evidence of any wrongdoing.   Al Sarsak is on his deathbed today, having decided that a hunger strike is his only hope.  

If an American sports hero was languishing in a foreign prison without charge, I can’t help but think it would be reported on American TV day-in-day-out until pressure was brought to bear for his release.   It appears that Al Sarsak’s only crime is to be Palestinian, where the American corporate media dares not tread.

I hope the Palestinian journalists will continue their good work.  Their voices can drown out the deafening indifference from the US corporate media.

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