J Street

Representative Martin Heinrich (D-NM) is campaigning for the US Senate and very proud to share that J Street has endorsed him.   That’s the lobbying group in DC that styles itself “the political home for Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Americans.”    J Street is the more moderate counterpoint to AIPAC.

I emailed J Street and asked about Heinrich’s voting record on issues of importance to Israel.   I assumed that the organization’s endorsement must have been preceded by some homework.  Alas, I received a reply informing me that J Street does not compile that type of information.  !*!*!*!

J Street is endorsing and raising $$ for 60 candidates (all Democrats) but doesn’t know Heinrich’s voting record?    Hmmmmm!    Guess I’m going to have to do some research myself.

Has anyone heard of the new Pro-Palestine, Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Justice lobbying group in DC?      Neither have I.



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2 responses to “J Street

  1. Linda —- I don’t understand your reference about the thin ice that J Street thinks it is skating on. Please elaborate.

    Not sure why J Street decided to endorse Heinrich since the decision was not made on his voting record.

    I’m reserving judgment about whether J Street is a constructive counterpoint to AIPAC. TIKKUM is the Jewish endorsement that would be more meaningful in my book, but of course TIKKUM doesn’t do endorsements.

  2. Linda Moscarella

    I am on J Street’s email list because I responded to a petition they were collecting. They send articulate and constructive emails. They support a two state solution, and oppose attacking Iran and mainly appeal to moderate Jews. I think that the fact that they don’t collect, or admit that they collect, voting records on their issues is telling.and shows what thin ice they believe they are skating on (rather than that they are incompetent.) Their endorsement should be a plus for Heinrich, IMO..

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