Empathy and the Interfaith Amigos


Within minutes of each other, two friends posted videos on Facebook this evening that should spark hope in all of us.

Reverend Calvin Griffin posted this Tedx 10 minute talk by three spiritual leaders (an Iman, a Priest, and a Rabbi) who share the ultimate truth — “we are one”.   “Spirituality points to the absolute interconnectedness of all beings.”

And then Nancy Galloway posted a 10 minute cartoon drawing about the development of empathy.   More than 1.7 million people have watched it.   The message: we are soft-wired for empathy.   Our empathetic circle has grown from those sitting around the fire with us during the stone age, to our families, to those who share our religious traditions, to those who share our nation-states, and might be evolving to the entire planet (both human and the natural world)!

Both videos hark back to my days as a volunteer in Beyond War in the early 1980s.   This is the world I envision.


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