Willful ignorance

“Why Gaza?    There are many other humanitarian crises in the world.  Why are you so interested in Gaza?”  

My answers never seem adequate, but I keep trying.

The United States is directly responsible for the Occupation of Palestine, and the suffering of the Palestinians has only grown more acute over the past 65 years.    Three generations have lived under this yoke!

No “peace process” or Oslo Accords or Quartet dance has improved the situation.   Your tax dollars, my tax dollars, to the tune of $3 billion/year, pay for this humanitarian crisis.

The Occupation of Palestine is NOT a “humanitarian crisis”,  regardless of what the UN officials may declare.   Crisis connotes a sudden or abrupt change, an unexpected development.

The situation in Palestine (both in the West Bank and Gaza) is the result of deliberate policies of Israel AND the United States for more than half a century to subjugate, occupy, humiliate and ultimately defeat an occupied population.

Most of the Western world understands this very well.  Only in America is there a willful ignorance perpetrated by the mass media.  (Much more about that in another post.)

I know — therefore I must act.    If you know, then you must find a way to act.  Moving to Gaza may not be in your cards.  But you can educate members of Congress, the media and other Americans.

I have friends and family who will not talk about the Occupation.   “Shhhh!  Lets remain friends” they say.     Some have suggested to me that it might be “psychological suicide” for some American Jews, who identify so intensely and personally with Israel, to hear criticism about the nation they love.

After a bit of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that Israel is, in fact, committing national suicide.  (The subject of a future post.)   Anyone (Jew, Christian, or Congressman) who wants to remain in a state of willful ignorance is aiding and abetting in this  tragic course of events.

For the sake of Palestinians living under Occupation who deserve a life of freedom and self-determination, and with a desire to see Israel survive and flourish, I must act.


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