Bomb the cheese factories!

Republican Governor  Scott Walker beat back recall efforts in Wisconsin yesterday.  He claims the results prove that Wisconsinites approve of his brand of fiscal conservatism.  Maybe so, but I suspect that $$ had alot to do with it.  Walker and the Super PACs that supported him poured tons of money into the race, and outspent the opposition 7:1.

When we don’t like the results of an election, what do Americans do?   At home, we might take a few days off, then recoup and organize for the next election.

When it’s an election in Palestine, however, we show our disapproval by calling the winners “terrorists”, instituting economic sanctions, bombing their cheese factories (among other things), jailing many of their elected officials, and punishing the civilians (men, women and children) indiscriminately.

That’s exactly what the US and Israel did following the 2006 election when Hamas won more than a majority of the seats in the Palestinian Parliament.   Every independent observer called it a free and fair election, but Israel and the US could not accept the results.

Would that same strategy work today in Wisconsin?   Cheese is an important export for Wisconsin; some would say their identity is all wrapped up in cheddar.  Why not boycott Wisconsin cheese?  That might teach those voters a lesson or two.  And it might beat the victorious Walker into submission.

Bomb the cheese factories!  What’s good for Palestine must be good for Wisconsin, right?


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