Which came first – the chicken or the egg?


In the Israeli – Palestinian “conflict”  that question translates into:

1) which side is initiating the hostility, and which side is responding to aggression?

2) which side is the terrorist, and which is the peacemaker?

3) which side’s actions are defensive, and which side’s actions are provocative and threatening?

There can’t be one without the other, right?

If the answer is crystal clear to you, and you have no doubts about which came first, then I suspect your chicken is already cooked and there won’t be anymore eggs in your basket.

The Palestinian – Israeli “conflict”  (there must be a better word) is so tragic because it doesn’t have to continue.  There is no universal truth that condemns both sides to this ugly “conflict” forever.  Every man, woman and child deserves to live in peace.

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