Why is Israel’s reputation plummeting?

A letter was published in the Wall Street Journal today that opines the answer to this question.    The author believes 45 years of occupation is the reason the global community (except Americans) are losing respect for Israel.

The comments that follow disagree with the author, sometimes harshly critical of his “ignorance.”

This exchange — the original letter and the responses — represents the challenge faced by the Palestinians, the United Nations, the NGOs, and activists who support a two state solution.

Since the US is an outlier (compared to the global community’s opinion of Israel), we might be tempted to just ignore the Americans and the US government.   But the $3 Billion that Americans give to Israel each year cannot be ignored.

Here’s the comment I posted in the Wall Street Journal.

I agree with Adler that Israel’s multi-decade occupation of Palestine is the primary reason for Israel’s sullied reputation in the global community.

In a recent BBC survey of 22 countries, Israel ranked 3rd (just behind Iran and Pakistan) for negative influence.

Notably, Americans bucked that assessment ….. giving favorable ratings to Israel.

Even if “we” are right and the rest of the world is wrong in its assessment of Israel, Israel should be alarmed with these findings.

And Israeli leaders should have the maturity of self-reflection, and question whether their policies and actions are contributing to Israel’s poor standing in the world of nations.

Only children point fingers, looking to blame everyone else.


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