The Tunnels

A New York Times writer traveled into one of the tunnels linking Egypt and the Gaza Strip at Rafah. These tunnels have literally been the lifeline for the 1.6 million Palestinians living in Gaza, especially since Israel has blockaded all transport (air, land, water) to and from the Gaza Strip. (Much more about that in future posts.)

Check out her piece here

A family member urged me not to use the tunnels when I get to Egypt. She’s worried about my safety, as well she should be. Israel regularly targets these tunnels from above, killing people inside.

But the unspoken questions are — “Why are these tunnels needed?” “Why must the Palestinians and internationals who want to visit resort to crawling underground?” “Why is Israel punishing civilians by forbidding even some of the basics (medical supplies, school books, etc.) from reaching Gaza?” “Why does the international community remain silent about this barbaric Occupation?” Or do they? (More to come.)

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